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Wednesday @ 10 (29.7.20)

29th Jul '20

The latest news from the national and local church with music and worship, and LAST Wednesday at 10. This is to be replaced by a Thursday news programme from Canon Andrew. Included in this final video is incredible footage of Salisbury cathedral by drone and filmed in 2017. Produced by...

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The Sunday connection TRINITY 7 (26th July)

26th Jul '20

The theme of wisdom dominates today’s liturgy. The parables of the treasure and pearl have the same message in our gospel today. The kingdom of heaven is worth investing everything we have to acquire it. But we need the wisdom that comes from God to see this.

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The Sunday connection TRINITY 6 (19.7.20)

19th Jul '20

The theme of this Sunday’s Eucharist is centred around the parable of the weeds growing among the wheat.  It is compared to the Church and the world in which wheat and weeds grow side by side in a huge field until they are separated at harvest time. We as Christians...

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The Sunday connection TRINITY 5 (12.7.20)

12th Jul '20

Canon Andrew reflects on how God speaks his word to us.  Today in our Gospel Jesus compared the word of God to a mustard seed, a seed that can make our lives fruitful.  But the challenge is if a seed is to be fruitful it must be planted in good...

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Sunday connection TRINITY 4 (5.7.20)

5th Jul '20

Canon Andrew reflects on the words of Jesus: ‘Come to me, all you that are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest’ He says although Jesus does not take our troubles, burdens, anxieties and disappointments from us, he does give us the strength the carry them.

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Wednesday @ 10 (1.7.20)

1st Jul '20

All the latest news, views and worship from Holy Trinity church, Weymouth Canon Andrew leads everyone in a Petertide reflection

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Sunday connection TRINITY 3 (28.6.20)

28th Jun '20

The theme for this Sunday’s Eucharist is HOSPITALITY. At the Eucharist we are invited to share in God’s hospitality. God accepts us, therefore we should accept one another.

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Wednesday @ 10 BIRTH OF JOHN THE BAPTIST (24.6.20)

24th Jun '20

Canon Andrew Gough shares national and local news of interest as well as inviting people to a reading from scripture, a christian message and prayer. Today the worship focus is about St John who came to witness to the light that Christ is our Saviour.

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Holly Trinity Weymouth

The Sunday connection – Trinity 2 (21.6.20)

21st Jun '20

Jesus calls the early apostles, and the Church in every generation, to be witnesses despite our fears. God is not watching us he is watching over us. He does this to bring us comfort, strength and hope especially in times of difficulty and danger. He calls us to bring the...

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Wednesday @ 10 (17.6.20)

17th Jun '20

Canon Andrew shares news and views both national and local. Interesting news regarding GIVING and HOLY TRINITY CHURCH reopening. Worship centres around the sea and considers whether we are in the same boat as we face the storms of our present situation.

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