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17th Feb '21

Today is ASH WEDNESDAY. For Christians, this day starts the beginning of the church season we call LENT which will take us to Easter. The 40 days of Lent reminds us that like the people of the Old Testament we do not always follow Gods ways and we need to say sorry and ask God’s forgiveness and refocus our lives on following him again. The imposition of ash on this day reminds us physically that we should be penitent and look again at our lives and follow Christ.

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Sunday Eucharist Next Before Lent

14th Feb '21

The theme of this Sunday’s Liturgy is the Transfiguration of Jesus on the mountaintop with three of his disciples. The disciples wanted it to last for ever. The spiritual mountaintop experiences prepare us for the valleys to come. But it’s really the valleys that shape our faith, renew our faith, and build up our faith. Because it’s only in the valley that we learn that the same Jesus who is Lord on the mountains, is also Lord in the valleys.

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Sunday Eucharist 2nd Before Lent

7th Feb '21

The Gospel message reminds us today that despite living in a battered and desperate world we have seen God’s light shining out in people and communities helping each other during the pandemic all around us. God lives in us and Gods light can never be overcome.

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Candlemass Sunday 31/1/21

31st Jan '21

Today marks the end of the Christmas season with the beautiful feast of Candlemass when we remember Christ’s Presentation in the Temple in Jeresulem. In the liturgy we shall bless and light candles reminding us that JESUS IS OUR LIGHT in the world.

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Sunday Eucharist Epiphany 3

24th Jan '21

Jesus changed the situation at the wedding feast in Cana from disastrous shame for the couple to them being remembered for the best wine ever. He didn’t have to do it – but he saw it as a way of revealing God’s Glory. Jesus transforms our lives too, again, not so that we become “better” but so that God’s glory can be revealed in each of us.

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The Eucharist EPIPHANY 2

17th Jan '21

The liturgy today encourages us to think about what it means to be a follower of Christ. Philip introduced his friend Nathaniel to meet Jesus. Philip’s invitation to ‘come and see’ and meeting Jesus was the beginning of his journey as a disciple. We are all encouraged to invite others to ‘come and see’ and in so doing to meet Jesus.

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The Eucharist. Baptism of Christ

10th Jan '21

The liturgy of the Church today recalls the feast of the baptism of Christ. It was an event of great significance for Jesus. It marked the beginning of his public ministry. In celebrating it we recall our own baptism and its importance for us.

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30th Dec '20

As 2020 comes to an end and we move forward into 2021, Canon Andrew Gough looks back over the old year and points us forward into 2021, explaining that despite all our worries, anxieties, and all that has led to a dreadful 2020 we should look forward in hope knowing that God is with us even though we might not recognise him.

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Christmas Day Mass Holy Trinity, Weymouth

25th Dec '20

The Mass of Christmas day was celebrated at Holy Trinity Parish church Weymouth live streamed. The celebrant was Canon Andrew Gough vicar of Holy Trinity. A welcome was extended to all and the focus was the crib and the Word made Flesh in human form – Jesus Christ.

Christmas blessings are extended to all parishoners at this challenging time and intercessions were focused on peace, love and recocilation as well as for better times in 2021.

Holy Trinity church extend warm Christmas blessinings to all who have joined us for worship and those who have joined us for worship at home or far and wide.

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Holly Trinity Weymouth

Christmas Eve: Nine Lessons and Carols

24th Dec '20

The service of Nine carols live from Holy Trinity Parish Church, Weymouth.

The service tells the story through readings and music which led up to the birth of Christ.

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