Congratulations Revd Ruth Milverton

Revd Ruth Milverton with Canon Andrew Gough and members of Holy Trinity church choir

On the Feast of the Epiphany the Reverend Ruth Milverton celebrated the twenty fourth anniversary of her ordination as a priest in the church of God.  Canon Andrew announced to the 10am congregation that we were all grateful for Ruth’s continued ministry amongst us and for her loyalty, friendship and pastoral care for us all.

Ruth came to Holy Trinity church in 1983 with her husband Fr Jack Milverton.  Fr Jack became a very popular and well-loved member of the clergy at Holy Trinity until his death in 2009.

Reverend Ruth had approached the vicar at that time who was Fr Stephen Venner about studying some theology.  The parish sponsored Ruth for a selection conference and she began training for the Deaconess ministry on the South West Ministerial Training course at Salisbury Theological College.  In 1986 Ruth was made a deaconess in Salisbury Cathedral. She continued an active ministry in the parish as a deaconess until women could be ordained in the Church of England.  In 1995 on the Feast of the Epiphany Ruth was made a Deacon and later a Priest.

Ruth is proud to claim that she was ordained in Holy Trinity and the ordination was officiated by three bishops: Rt Rev David Stancliffe (Salisbury), Rt Rev John Kirkham (Sherborne) and Rt Rev Stephen Venner (Middleton) formally vicar of Holy Trinity. They were assisted by twelve clergy from the Diocese.

Revd Ruth has always been a Non Stipendiary priest assisting the vicar and Holy Trinity and was for some time the NSM officer for the Diocese of Salisbury.

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