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Sunday Eucharist LENT 3

The dramatic event of Jesus cleansing the Temple in our gospel today challenges us to recognise that our relationship with God is not about financial transactions. Jesus talked of himself as the temple that would be destroyed and in three days rebuilt. It is that temple which is within us made possible by the death …

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Sunday Eucharist LENT 2

In our Gospel today Jesus’ command to take up a cross is a clear response to Peter’s rebuke of him for speaking openly about his death. Poor Peter! His words of reassurance to Jesus were rebuked. This rebuke is a stark reminder to us all that to be true followers of Jesus we need to …

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Sunday Eucharist LENT 1

Serious Athletes prepare diligently, professional actors rehearse painstakingly, good teachers do thier homework meticulously. Today we focus on Jesus preparing for his mission by going into the desert. It is also a time for Christians to renew thier lives, take stock, and to prepare through self-examination to become more effective witnesses to the Christ who …

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Today is ASH WEDNESDAY. For Christians, this day starts the beginning of the church season we call LENT which will take us to Easter. The 40 days of Lent reminds us that like the people of the Old Testament we do not always follow Gods ways and we need to say sorry and ask God’s …


Candlemass Sunday 31/1/21

Today marks the end of the Christmas season with the beautiful feast of Candlemass when we remember Christ’s Presentation in the Temple in Jeresulem. In the liturgy we shall bless and light candles reminding us that JESUS IS OUR LIGHT in the world. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Candle flame in slow motion: Author PVP; Lamp: Author Joshua Eckstein …

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