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Parish Eucharist TRINITY 5

Jesus was rejected by his own townspeople of Nazareth because they saw him as the carpenters son and he could do no good work there. Jesus comes to us in our Eucharist this morning and we have the opportunity to receive him into our hearts and lives.

Holly Trinity Weymouth

Parish Eucharist Trinity 4

In our worship this morning we meet God in Word and Sacrament and draw close to him through faith praying for God’s healing in our lives


Sunday Eucharist Trinity 3

Today’s Gospel shows Christ with his disciples in the midst of the storm. We all encounter storms of one kind or another during the course of our lives – troubles, disappointments, quarrels, set-backs, accidents, illness…… Every storm tests our faith in God and we often doubt him. But he is always there in the midst …

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Trinity 2 Parish Eucharist

Today we acknowledge how from a small mustard seed a great tree grows. It is the same with our faith it starts small at baptism it grows to maturity through worship, prayer and sacrament

Sunday Eucharist Trinity 1

Jesus’ family were especially important to him. They helped shape his understanding of the world. Jesus’ harsh words in today’s Gospel and his leaving so many people who were begging him for healing must have been difficult. Walking away was perceived by some as madness. We are often faced with echoes of this story in …

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Trinity Sunday Eucharist

Today we celebrate our patronal festival and we remember that our parish church has been consecrated for 186 years and been a living, praying and worshipping presence in our community since 1836. The Holy Trinity honours the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is a mystery to be celebrated with childlike love and trust. Through …

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Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday service live streamed. The service is recorded from the preparation of the gifts. We give thanks today for the Church throughout the world that it may be renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Eucharist Easter 7

In the days between the Ascension and Pentecost the apostles are ask to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Todays Eucharist recalls the moving account of Jesus at the last supper praying to his heavenly Father to give the apostles strength as he prepares them for what is to come and the creation …

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Sunday Eucharist EASTER 6

Our Eucharistic theme for this Sunday follows last week as we continue to reflect on the importance of loving each other and our neighbours. At the Last Supper Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment to ‘love one another as I have loved you’. Holy Trinity Weymouth holds the following licences: Church Copyright Licence + …

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Sunday Eucharist EASTER 5

Welcome to our Eucharist at Holy Trinity church, Weymouth. In our service today Christ uses the image of the vine and its branches to illustrate the closeness of the ties that exist between him, his disciples, and us. Holy Trinity Weymouth holds the following licences: Church Copyright licence + streaming plus licence + music reproduction …

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