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Vicars letter August/September 2020

27th Aug '20

Hope is one of those gifts from God that comes to us at the most difficult of times. Hope is a word that I am sure many of us have often used lightly in the past. “I hope the weather will be good tomorrow” But, as we know, hope is...

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7th Jun '20

Dear Friends, It’s hard to believe that we are now in the season of Trinity.  Having just presided at the Eucharist, alone in church, I can officially declare that the Trinity season has begun.  Our Parish church dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity has celebrated it’s birthday.  I hope that...

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Faith is not instant

18th Jan '20

As I sit writing my letter to you for the February/March Trinity Voice I am conscious that we are moving swiftly on into a new year and the cycle of a new church year with Candlemass on the 2nd February and then Ash Wednesday 26th February and the beginning of...

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Christ is Born in Bethlehem

2nd Dec '19

We live in a society where we are very conscious that we should be careful of what we say or do in case we cause any offence to anyone. So much so that some fear speaking the truth. Perhaps we have taken this all a bit too far, as many...

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24th Oct '19

I always listen to classic radio when I am driving.  It is something I have done for many years. As certain tracks are played again which I have heard before I try and remember where I was driving the last time I heard it played. Sometimes it is easier to...

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Vicar’s September Letter 2019

31st Aug '19

Dear Friends, I was interested to read recently about an amusing exercise which had taken place, asking people about their washing habits. Here are some of the responses: ‘I tried washing once but I didn’t like it’. ‘I was forced to wash as a child, which put me off washing’....

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video message


7th Jul '19

I want to focus on the feast of the Transfiguration (6th August) in this double summer edition magazine.  So far I haven’t come across many mountains in Weymouth, but there are some beautiful views. I have been blessed in my ministry to have had some experiences with a view. Perhaps...

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31st Mar '19

Dear Friends Back in 2004 I went to see Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of Christ. It was reported in the newspapers as the one of the most touching, powerful, heartfelt, shocking, inspiring, and riveting films ever made. There is no doubt that crucifixion was most cruel and ghastly. The age...

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Vicars welcome

Vicar’s Christmas Letter 2018

2nd Dec '18

At this time of year there is always a great sense of anticipation and of hope.  As we make our plans for Christmas, we anticipate the variety of services which help us to celebrate the birth of Jesus:  carol services, crib services and the uniquely special service of midnight Mass....

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