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Request from the Sunday School

Jenny Keates, our Sunday School Leader, would like to say 'Thank You' to you all for your continued support for the children in our church; however, there are a few things that would be useful as aids to Jenny's work - as under:

A table top copier or printer than can be used to copy. Does anyone have one that is no longer required? At the moment Jenny prints out too many activity & colouring sheets, as it is never known how many children may arrive on a Sunday. A copier in the crypt would enable her to print out just two at home (1 colouring sheet for the younger children and 1 activity sheet for the older children) and copy them when the children arrive. This would improve cost efficiency and save trees!

A CD player to enable Jenny to purchase children’s CD’s and introduce some singing downstairs. If you have any children’s CDs suitable for Sunday school they too would be welcomed.

Oddments of material and coloured foil (sweet wrappers are good) would be useful for collage work.

Dressing up clothes. If any of you can sew and can make some biblical costumes suitable for the children to wear then that would be great. Stripped pillow cases are good.

Rolls of wallpaper.  Useful lengths can be used as backing for collage work

Please let Jenny Keates (01305 788136) know if you can assist or if you know of someone who can help.

5 March 2018

Other news

  • 23 February 2018

    Change is Always a Challenge

    Most of our readers will know by now that, by the time you read this, St Nicholas church will have permanently closed and the site will up for sale. Change is always a challenge for us all. But it can be exciting too. The Church in every generation and in every era of its life has always had challenges to face because of the changing circumstances in which she finds herself. Our present age is no different.


  • 16 March 2018

    First Gracewell Service a Success

    The first Wednesday Eucharist at Gracewell was a great success. Everyone enjoyed the service in warmth and comfort. Real coffee was served afterwards in the cafe. Many thanks to everyone at Gracewell for this and the forthcoming weekly regular services. Come and join us each Wednesday at 10am - you would be most welcome.


  • 16 March 2018

    Thanks to Geoff Pritchard

    Many thanks to Geoff Pritchard - the Parish Magazine Editor - for compiling the excellent and detailed history of St Nicholas Church which he collated for the Thanksgiving Closure Service of St Nicholas Church held on 4th March 2018. The history is included in the March 2018 Parish Magazine available at 50p per copy.


News archive

Vicar’s letter for March 2018

“In a vivid adage, coined I think by the Swiss theologian Karl Barth, the life of the Christian community is perfectly defined - The Church gathers for worship and scatters for mission.The picture described by Barth is worth remembering.”

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What’s on

  • Saturday 24 March 2018, 2.00pm | Holy Trinity

    Community Easter Event 24 March 2018

    Due to schools not breaking up until Maundy Thursday this event replaces the Holy Week club which was previously run in this parish for children. Both Janet Hall and Jenny Keates felt that it gave them the opportunity to try something different - hence the idea of a Community Easter Event. It will be free and run from 2pm to 4pm with lots of activities and of course refreshments.

    Help would be welcome with the following:

    Serving tea, coffee and cake and washing up etc. Provision of Easter cupcakes

    Would you please let Janet (01305 839737) or Jenny (01305 788136) know if you can assist with the teas and coffees (they will provide) and a list will go up in the organ transept for the provision of cupcakes. If you would like a flyer to help promote the event then please ask for a copy.

    Thank You.

  • Saturday 24 March 2018, 7.30pm | St Paul's Church, Weymouth

    Stainer’s Crucifixion

    A performance of The Crucifixion: a meditation on the Sacred Passion of the Holy Redeemer is an oratorio composed by John Stainer in 1887. It is scored for a Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass choir and organ, and features solos for bass and tenor.

  • Sunday 15 April 2018, 11.30am | Holy Trinity

    2018 Annual Parochial Church Meeting

    The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held after the 10am Parish Eucharist. (Agenda to be published).

  • Saturday 21 April 2018, 10.00am | Hilfield Friary

    Parish Quiet Day

    There will be a Parish Quiet Day at Hilfield Friary from 10am to 4pm on 21st April. Flyers will be available from 18th March.

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