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News from March 2018

Installation of St Nicholas Altar in Holy Trinity Church

Members of the congregation will have noticed that the beautiful Portland stone altar that stood for many years at St Nicholas church, now closed, has been installed at Holy Trinity church. The PCC decided that it would be a wonderful gesture of our two churches coming together after many years and a symbol that we shall always be the parish of Holy Trinity with St Nicholas. The simplicity and beauty of the stone sits beautifully in place and the inscription engraved on the front says Holy, Holy, Holy. We are so pleased at receiving so many positive comments.

31 March 2018

Choir Vestry Works by “Dodger and Bodger Refurbishment Specialists”

A couple of weeks ago some suspicious characters (one of whom was masked and all tooled-up) skulked around for a bit and then gained entry into the choir vestry and set to work turning the place inside out and removing various items. Luckily their activities did not result in the church having to make another insurance claim; the motley crew comprised Steve Booth, Derek Griffin (ringleader), Leigh Bishop and Meridy Phillips (a gang from the choir - mug shots not available) who had determined to undertake some general cleaning, tidying and minor refurbishment works.

31 March 2018

First Gracewell Service a Success

The first Wednesday Eucharist at Gracewell was a great success. Everyone enjoyed the service in warmth and comfort. Real coffee was served afterwards in the cafe. Many thanks to everyone at Gracewell for this and the forthcoming weekly regular services. Come and join us each Wednesday at 10am - you would be most welcome.

16 March 2018

Thanks to Geoff Pritchard

Many thanks to Geoff Pritchard - the Parish Magazine Editor - for compiling the excellent and detailed history of St Nicholas Church which he collated for the Thanksgiving Closure Service of St Nicholas Church held on 4th March 2018. The history is included in the March 2018 Parish Magazine available at 50p per copy.

16 March 2018

Team of Flower Arrangers

The small but conscientious Team of Flower Arrangers at Holy Trinity would love some others to join them! Enthusiasm and interest are the only essentials: the Team will support and encourage you. Please have a chat or telephone Angela Bament on 01305 774186 for further details.

16 March 2018

Salisbury - Sudan Link Cards

Many thanks to all those who supported the sale of Sudan cards in 2017. Nearly £500 profit was raised and was given to the Diocesan Medical Link, which will be used to provide primary healthcare and training in well-established clinics run by the Episcopal Church of the Sudans.

5 March 2018


Two matters for your attention please:

First, members of the congregation who have not previously completed an Electoral Roll form during the last five years, and are eligible, are reminded that forms must be submitted to either Marguerite or placed in the marked envelope at the back of the church by 10am on Sunday 1st April 2018 (Easter Day).

Second, a church cannot function without churchwardens. Holy Trinity needs two new churchwardens to be nominated and elected at the April 2018 Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Please give consideration to these roles or have an informal word with Father Andrew or Liz Williams and Cyril Ford (current churchwardens).

5 March 2018

Request from the Sunday School

Jenny Keates, our Sunday School Leader, would like to say 'Thank You' to you all for your continued support for the children in our church; however, there are a few things that would be useful as aids to Jenny's work - as under:

5 March 2018

Vicar’s letter for November 2018


Once again we come round to November, the month of Remembrance. On All Souls Day (2nd November) the Church gathers to remember the faithful departed. At Holy Trinity church on Friday, 2nd November at 10.30am we shall gather together for a Requiem Eucharist to remember all our departed loved ones and friends. We shall remember them publicly at the altar during the service. Please enter names you wish to be remembered on the list on the board in the organ transept.

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