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Sunday School Update (by Jenny Keates)

As you may be aware, Marion has decided to step down from the running of the Sunday School. Flair, one of her assistants, has also had to stop for the time being. We are grateful to them both for their time and dedication to our children at church. Thank you both.

As from the 17th September, I have put together a new rota and am pleased to announce that both Krys Fursman and Kim Newstead will be continuing. In addition, I welcome Heather Hicks and Betty Warner, both of whom ran the Sunday School alongside me back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. (Guess we must want to relive our youth!) My daughter Sarah will also be joining the team. I am very excited and encouraged by the support shown and feel that together we will make a great team; I hope the children within our church will also benefit and grow along with us. So thank you all too.
In reading this you may be thinking that we have a lot of helpers, but there is a requirement for there to be at least two adults per session, one of whom must be DBS checked. I would like the rota to work out at one session per month for each pair, so that they can enjoy working with the children whilst still being able to attend the whole service on the other weeks. It also allows for plenty of session planning time. Therefore, I would still welcome some additions to the team. If you think this is for you then please speak to me or another team member.
There will be some other changes which will take effect from 8th October. The main one is a new start time of 9.45am. This will allow Canon Andrew or another member of the clergy to spend 10 minutes with the Sunday school each week. This will further enhance our link between Sunday School and church. We will be keeping the same resource materials, as this already fits in with the weekly readings in church.
Thank you all for your continued support and kindness to our children in church.

29 September 2017

Other news

  • 16 September 2018

    Thought for the Week 16th September 2018

    In today’s gospel Peter recognises and publically proclaims that Jesus is more than a prophet, that he is the Messiah and Son of God. However, when Jesus points out that this Messiah must suffer and die, Peter thunders in to correct such nonsense. A God who would suffer and die for others sounds outlandish. Jesus would have to conform to what Peter would like God to be powerful, in control, respectable and generally regarded as successful. Peter had glimpsed the incarnate God whose free choice of each of us to share in his loving acceptance and in his unconditional forgiveness is a wonder beyond our wildest imaginations.

    Canon Andrew


  • 9 September 2018


    CONGRATULATIONS To Peter and Anne Rendall on the occasion of their Diamond wedding anniversary (60th!!!!). Father Andrew blessed their marriage at the conclusion of the Parish Eucharist on Sunday 9th September.


  • 26 July 2018


    Back in February Holy Trinity church PCC met for a vision day led by the Archdeacon of Dorset.

    It was clear that we needed to move the church forward looking at new opportunities to help us survive in the future but importantly to help us to be more mission orientated as responsible Christians who want to share the Gospel of Jesus. The great strength of Holy Trinity church is its venue and potential for Music and the Arts because of the church’s exceptional acoustics as well as continuing to promote good traditional music within worship. The PCC have been starting to look at rough architectural drawings of how we might equip our building with the best facilities, not only for ourselves, but to open it to others. Yes, this will take time but planning ahead is crucial and we need to start now. Therefore the PCC agreed that we should seek to appoint a Musical Director who would not just oversee the day to day running of the church music and direct the choir and grow its membership, but who would work, plan and develop all music of the church including all kinds of music activities.

    Derek Griffin has been an unofficial Director of Music at Holy Trinity for many years - for which we are all exceedingly grateful, but feels at present this new role would not be possible for him to take on because of his own commitments. On a date to be announced we hope to make a presentation to Derek. We are pleased that he has offered to remain on the rota with our other visiting organists as and when needed.


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Vicar’s letter for September 2018

“NEW BEGINNINGS September is always seen as a time of new beginnings. Holidays are over and the summer begins to draw to an end as we look forward to Harvest and the autumn.. The start of a new term beckons. Children starting school for the first time; moving from one school to the next or beginning the final leg of the educational process, leaving home and heading off to university for the Michaelmas term. ”

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