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Letter from the Vicar (April 2018)

Dear friends,

WE HAVE JUST completed the greatest celebration of the Christian year: the Feast of Easter. Now we hear the wonderful stories of how Jesus appeared to so many different people after his resurrection: proof indeed that, as he promised, he has risen from the dead. We are Easter people who share in the new life which Jesus has won for us and so we boldly say: ‘Alleluia, Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, alleluia!’.

But, like the disciples, we might be wondering ‘What now?’. They waited, spending time together in Jerusalem and also back in Galilee. What were they doing? How were they feeling? Surely they must have been anxiously wondering what the future would hold. We, as Jesus’ followers today, must find the ways in which we can live out our calling to be His disciples. What does that mean for us as individuals? What does it mean for us as members of the local church? What does it mean for us all as members of the wider church at Holy Trinity, Weymouth.
Every single one of us who feels that we belong in some way to God’s family at Holy Trinity, Weymouth should consider prayerfully what response we want to make to the Good News of Easter, to all that God has done for us through His Son, Jesus. I hope that you will take this seriously in terms of coming forward to help in practical ways or making an added financial response to the life of the church. Holy Trinity church will not survive without your help in both of these ways.

Sunday 15th April is the day on which we hold our Annual Meeting. Our Parish Eucharist will be slightly shorter on this Sunday and we shall all gather after coffee for the meeting to start promptly at 11.30am in church. This important meeting is part of the way in which, as members of God’s family, we can be involved in the life of the church, particularly through the process of the election of Churchwardens and PCC members. Two people who have served as Churchwardens for a while now will stand down and we shall have the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Liz Williams and Cyril Ford at the Annual Meeting. This means that we shall be looking for other people to stand.

I was once reading about some of the qualities and requirements of a Churchwarden. One that particularly struck me is ‘an ambassador for the church’. Certainly our Churchwardens are ambassadors for the congregation they represent and that has wider implications too. But each of us is also called to be an ‘ambassador for Christ’ (2 Corinthians 5:20) and that is part of our discipleship, part of what it means to be followers of the risen Christ. Not all of us are being called to be Churchwardens! We give thanks for those who have served in this way and we pray that God will encourage others to take on this role. We are all being called to review constantly what it means to be a disciple of Christ, to be an ambassador for Him as we share the Good News of His resurrection.

Every blessing

Revd Canon Andrew Gough

April 2018

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