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Letter from the Vicar (February 2018)

Dear friends,

Dear Friends At the beginning of February we celebrate CANDLEMASS or the feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple as described by Luke in his Gospel chapter 2:22-40. This will fairly swiftly be followed by the beginning of Lent and ASH WEDNESDAY on the 14th February.

There will be a Eucharist with the imposition of Ashes at St Nicholas at 10am on Ash Wednesday. It is a day of obligation for Christians and so I hope that you will be able to come along.

I hope that we might as a parish use February to take stock of some of our priorities for ourselves at Holy Trinity with St Nicholas in 2018 and commit to helping embed our vision for the next few years as God’s people. The PCC will be taking part, as your elected representatives, in a Team Building Day at Hillfield Friary on Saturday 10th February led by the Archdeacon of Dorset.

So perhaps as everyone reads this month’s vicar’s letter you may like to think of what you value and what is important to you as a Christian - and how this will shape our keeping of Lent this year and as we move forward in discovering God’s kingdom. 

Since early times Lent has been a time of preparation as we look forward to Easter and is often a time when people ‘give things up’, often treats, such as chocolate, cakes, sweets or alcohol, but sometimes something different like watching television, driving the car when you could walk, or buying yet another pair of shoes or another jumper!  The idea of giving something up for Lent is a way to identify with the fasting Jesus experienced in the wilderness for 40 days as his time of prayerful preparation before his public ministry.  Giving things up in our culture of plenty is a valuable thing to do; it reminds us of what is truly necessary in our lives and it reminds us of how blessed we are in our lives of so much choice.  But we can also take up something extra to do for Lent - it might be reading a spiritual book, or attending our proposed Lent course at St Nicholas church after the Wednesday 10am Eucharist. The theme is ‘On the Third Day’ and is a five week course beginning on Wednesday 21st February. Everyone is welcome.

I would love to think that if you took something on for lent then you might extend that by offering your time and talents to help us work together as we endeavour to begin our journey of discovery and hope at Holy Trinity church.  Everyone can play their part.

The real heart of Lent is CHANGE.  For us it is about the need to change our hearts and lives and think of how best we might serve God as individuals and as a Church at Holy Trinity as we embrace the future. May this month of February be a useful time for us all to TAKE STOCK. 

Every Blessing

Revd Canon Andrew Gough

February 2018

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