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Letter from the Vicar (December 2017)

Dear friends,

A Christmas Message Many of us who may worship together normally Sunday by Sunday are not normally together at Christmas! Rightly, we are involved with family and friends, and that takes us away from where we live. Sometimes it’s good to be with other church communities at Christmas, so that our experiences gain a wider perspective.

It’s also good to welcome visitors to our church from other places; especially welcome to church at Christmas are those who don’t normally manage to make it at other times. If you are going to be away over the Christmas/New Year period, then safe journeys and happy associations. Come back refreshed! If you are staying at home then welcome to Church here at Holy Trinity: dare I say, bring your friends and family?

Perhaps you may be reading this and haven’t thought about coming to church at Christmas. You will be very welcome: come and join us. I’m glad that the Church is busy at Christmas, with people coming and going all through December, to this function or that carol service.Maybe, then, Christmas is to do with a sense of travelling……a people on the move. I believe that that is what we are - a pilgrim people on the move.   

We hear how Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary had to make a journey with her husband Joseph to Bethlehem before she gave birth to Our Lord. Strange people made way and attended to the needs of the Holy Family, and strangers visited the manger from far off lands.The most famous birth of all time captured the minds and hearts of rich and poor alike, to make their way to see this new-born child.

Perhaps the way the first Christmas came about was the way God intended it to be: all sorts of different people coming together in vulnerable and precarious circumstances, but nonetheless joining together to celebrate Life coming into the world, Life in all its variety, its pains and sorrows, joy and gladness.

Any child born into the world, but especially the child Jesus, speaks of Love. At Christmas, we share with God the Father in this wonderful mystery of Life and Love, in a world full of hate. Christmas speaks of humility in a world full of pride and greed.
The birth of this Child brings into existence the sign and symbol of another kind of life; a life of co-operation with God in his world. As you all journey physically and spiritually this Christmastide remember that Jesus is the real reason for this holy season.

A HAPPY & BLESSED CHRISTMAS and Peaceful New Year full of expectation and hope TO EVERYONE

Canon Andrew

Revd Canon Andrew Gough

December 2017

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