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Letter from the Vicar (November 2017)

Dear friends,

November is a sombre month, as the darkness draws in, the trees stand bare, and the mornings are clouded with mist and rain. It is a time of remembering.

On the 12th November, the Sunday nearest to the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we will be remembering those who fell in the defence of freedom, not only in two World Wars, but also in all the lesser conflicts which have shattered nations and peoples since. We look backwards to honour those who gave their lives in war, but we must also look forward to keep faith with them and use our energies to build the sort of world that they held dear. There is an old saying that “those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it” That is why it is important for all of us to remember, and to pray that the world’s rulers and statesmen may make wise and honourable decisions on behalf of their peoples. Our main services on Remembrance Sunday at Holy Trinity church will be Requiem Eucharist’s as we remember our dead.  In the evening at 6.30pm there will be a special service of Remembrance to which all are invited.

Remembrance Sunday comes just after the Church’s special period of remembrance. All Saints’ Day (November 1) however we shall keep this great festival at Holy Trinity church on Sunday 5th November at our main Sunday services. All Saints time commemorates all the unsung heroes of Christian discipleship, the ordinary men and women of every age who have been faithful and loving in their service of God and their fellow human beings. They are our inspiration to persevere in what we believe to be true and good and noble, especially when things get tough for us. Within the Christian family they remind us too that life in Christ endures beyond physical death, and our fellowship with those we love is not severed when we die.

Within this communion of saints we pause to recall with loving reverence our own loved ones who have died. For many people All Souls’ Day (November 2) is a very precious, if poignant, time of remembrance, and we shall mark this by a special celebration of the Eucharist at 6.30pm in St Nicholas church.  At this requiem Eucharist we shall remember by name all our loved ones.  There is a list in the organ transept at Holy Trinity church and on the notice board inside the church at St Nicholas for you to write you’re loved ones names.  Please write names clearly! But importantly come along to the Eucharist where in receiving the Holy Sacrament we are united with Christ in his death and resurrection and with all those who we love and are temporarily departed from.

One way in which we express our continuing love and respect for those who have died is by preserving their values and sharing their vision. There is much in the world today that causes us deep concern and anxiety, and the shadow of war hangs over so many parts of the world.
Let us use the month of November as members of our churches to pause to remember and consecrate ourselves to a new future of peace and justice for all.

Revd Canon Andrew Gough

November 2017

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