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Letter from the Vicar (June 2017)

Dear friends,

Trinity Sunday is a feast day and the day we celebrate as a church and parish our Patronal Festival. It is a celebration of how God reveals and shares his love, compassion, mercy and power with us, his creatures.

It embraces all the great themes of the Easter season, and launches us into the summer with a reminder of who it is that gives and fills our daily life. This year it falls on Sunday 11th June.

The idea that God is a Trinity defies explanation. It is a mystery, a response to what we have seen God doing. Christians, from the earliest disciples of Jesus onward, have sensed that although God’s love shines in many different places and ways, there is one Character, one Lover, behind them all. We sense this love in the power and beauty with which the universe, not least ourselves, has been made. We sense the same love in the way social justice, abounding mercy, and steadfast love were revealed to the people of Israel. We sense it in the actions of Jesus, embracing the marginalised and forgiving his persecutors. We sense it in the work of the Spirit, who still fills us today with that same compassion and power to love this world.  God does not just reveal himself; he shares himself. Our reflection of the Trinity should enable us to live lives in which this unity floods every aspect of our own interaction with creation in the widest sense.”

The Eucharist is a place to come to God’s table and share his life, so it is especially appropriate for Trinity Sunday. At our 10am Parish Sung Eucharist we shall welcome as our preacher the Venerable Paul Taylor, Archdeacon of Sherborne and a great friend of us all at Holy Trinity parish church.  This will be a joint service and so there will be no service at St Nicholas church on this Sunday. I hope that everyone will be able to come along.

Every Blessing
Father Andrew

Revd Canon Andrew Gough

June 2017

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The foundation of our life in the Church is worship and prayer, as we support each other on the journey of faith. In the power of God’s spirit we are sent out to make Christ known in the communities he has called us to serve.

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Thought for the Week 24th June 2018

It seems strange that the disciples should turn to Jesus for help during a storm on the sea of Galilee. After all they were the fishermen. They knew the angry waters and the gusting winds. Jesus was a landlubber with no touch of the sea in his veins. How could he help? Somehow they had a glimpse of him as Lord of the wind and sea, as Lord of all. We are challenged by our gospel today to call on him, to have faith in him, to live by that faith with boundless confidence in him because he is our Father.

Canon Andrew

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