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This month’s letter from the Vicar

Dear friends,


Once again we come round to November, the month of Remembrance. On All Souls Day (2nd November) the Church gathers to remember the faithful departed. At Holy Trinity church on Friday, 2nd November at 10.30am we shall gather together for a Requiem Eucharist to remember all our departed loved ones and friends. We shall remember them publicly at the altar during the service. Please enter names you wish to be remembered on the list on the board in the organ transept.

Remembrance Sunday this year is on Sunday 11th November. At the end of the Parish Eucharist we shall make our way to the war memorial and make our act of Remembrance. As we gather together on Remembrance Sunday we shall be remembering British service personnel who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as those who died in two World Wars and in the other conflicts. It is a sombre and saddening thought that we continue to add names to the roll of those who have given their lives in war, and that across the world millions of people live in daily fear of gun and bomb. When will human beings find the moral courage to rely on other means to resolve national and international disputes?

These conflicts in distant lands which still involve our own forces remind us of the interdependence of all peoples on planet earth. What happens in one place does have repercussions in other places, including our own nation. We must recognize our own part in so many of the current problems of the world. All nations need to be engaged in calm and realistic dialogue with international agencies in the quest for just, peaceful and lasting solutions to the problems which tear our world apart. In today’s “global village” we cannot shrug off the desperate concerns of other nations as “nothing to do with us”.

Your sincerely,

Revd Canon Andrew Gough

November 2018

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The foundation of our life in the Church is worship and prayer, as we support each other on the journey of faith. In the power of God’s spirit we are sent out to make Christ known in the communities he has called us to serve.

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The Diocese of Salisbury has been declared the first Eco Diocese. In a first for the Church of England, the Diocese of Salisbury has been granted Eco Diocese Status.

Andy Atkins, CEO of A Rocha UK the Christian based environmental charity which runs the green award scheme said: “Salisbury is the first diocese to be awarded Eco Diocese status and it's our very great pleasure to do so. When we launched Eco Church in 2016 we had high hopes and expectations. To have got this far so quickly is humbling, exciting and such a huge encouragement that so many churches in a diocese are working together to care for God's earth should be an encouragement to us all.”

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